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See what happens when Delhi Metro hits a snag

DMRC, better known as Delhi Metro first spread its track in Delhi from Shahdara to Tis Hazari in 2004. Since then, DMRC has created a mesh of elevated and underground tracks within Delhi and NCR. Making people’s lives more convenient.

According to India Today 2016, Delhi metro serves approx. 23 lakh passengers a day. The fares are quite pocket friendly to common people and the journey is comfortable as compared to other modes of public transport in Delhi.

We can undoubtedly say Delhi metro has become an essential part of Delhiets. But, what happens when Delhi metro hits a snag? One such incident happened on June 27, 2016 around 4:30 pm. When an over head wire between Subhash Nagar and Tilak Nagar stations broke. This reduced the metro frequency to one metro a 30 – 45 minute. Low frequency of trains started causing huge crowds on the least populated metro station like New Ashok Nagar and over crowded the important ones like Rajiv Chowk.

People were unable to board incoming trains due to over-crowding. When people tried booking cabs they found the fares to be 3x higher. Autos were unavailable and those available charged much higher rates even in sharing. Most Jugnoo auto drivers were logged out as they earned more by serving as a local auto waala. Buses were packed tight and was tough to board. To make matter worse, people were sweating in the hot and humid June weather. Girls were not feeling safe in such jam-packed trains and the only people having a good day were Delhi Metro pick-pocketers.

This incident showed how dependent Delhites are on the Metro. What should be done in such emergencies? Comment in.


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