A fellow Passenger

The train slowed down at Aligarh station for stoppage. The noise of the passengers boarding the train woke me up. I noticed a woman in pink chiffon saree with blue border fitting her luggage on the luggage rack, right above my head. This beautiful woman seemed to have a perfect waist size. She had 2 big size American tourister bags, a medium sized duffel bag, a backpack and a black color Puma handbag with her. I wondered, if someone was accompanying her in the train, but couldn’t find anyone. This beautiful woman sat alone on the train beside me at the aisle side, and took a deep breath. Untied her ponytail, detangled her hair, passed a smile towards me. After a while, she took out a water bottle from her hand bag, took a sip, kept it back into her bag and zipped it up. While she was doing those stuff, I noticed her hands, long fingers and long nails perfectly painted with purple nail paint. She bent down towards her backpack which she had kept beside her chair on the floor, and took out a book, “The wedding”. She was so skinny that even her backbone was visible, she got up and twitched her saree pallu back which came on my face. This made me realized I was staring her intently. I quickly changed the focus of my eyes towards the seat handle and slowly turned towards the window, acted as if I was thinking something. Till today, whenever I think of that saree twitch, I wonder if it was intentional or natural. She started reading the book until the T.T.E came and called her name,” Sneha Arora could you please show me your ticket.”

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