Caring Your Colored Hair With The Best Shampoo

People invest precious time and money with professionals to get colored hairs. The professionals give their best efforts, to come out with a new and fresh look of yours with the colored hairs. In their training they are inculcated by both the technicality and the creativity of hair coloring. They are expected to give your personality and overall look, the best, by choosing a color that compliments you. This is surely an art, as it needs a lot of artistic view of hair coloring. It would be a shame for you, if you cannot retain the hard work of a hair coloring professional, and ruin the persona, look and the self confidence you’ve got by this renewed style unless you need a change. 

You will be awestruck by the fact, that when you wash your hair very often you are on the verge of damaging your hair color. The companies with good reputation even claim that washing your hair damages hair color the most, rather than exposure to pollution and sunlight. A professional guidance should be taken while choosing the best shampoo to preserve your colored hair. 

Following are some important factors you should take care of while choosing the best shampoo and conditioners:

Free of Sulfate: sulfate is one of the main components a shampoo as it helps in removing dirt and oil from hair. The bad news is that, they remove hair colors too. So, we should use the best shampoo which is sulfate free and friendly to hair colors. The market is flooded with a range of best shampoos free from sulfate.  

pH: On pH scale, your hair ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. The protective layers of the hair are damaged by the increased pH leaving behind the hair fibers at risk. Normally the water we use to wash our hair has a pH level of around 7. Hence, we should use the best shampoo which can maintain the pH level around 4.5 to 5.5 while cleaning your hair. This helps in managing the color of hair. 

Natural and organic ingredients: Earlier, it was known that no ingredients from shampoo can pass through the scalp. But, it is not right. Some ingredients like parabens, ammonia, sodium laurel sulfates are some ingredients that can pass through the pores on the scalps and enter to the blood streams. These ingredients are very harmful for your body health as they can cause cancer as studies say. This is the reason why you should avoid using shampoos having harsh chemicals and always use shampoos with natural and organic ingredients. This will help you to get not only healthy hair but also will keep you away from any other health risk. 

Try some good online stores to purchase the best shampoo and conditioners. There are countless online stores offering high quality organic shampoos that are best to use when you have colored hair. Also, Share your views on how to protect hair color if you have any.

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