How To Make the Right Choice Of Shampoo

Generally, when you are out in a hair salon to buy any shampoo you might drain off your money on a product which gives you no good other than taking away nourishment and texture from your hair. Most of the shampoos advertised as the best shampoo really do nothing other than taking away natural features of your hair. The ingredients present in normal shampoos are non organic and chemical based that only makes your hair quality poor and low. 

Let’s Understand the features of a normal shampoo

A normal shampoo has molecules that are larger than the pores of the cells of your hair. This is why the nutrients in the shampoo are unable to penetrate into the cells of the hair. Also, they are unable to penetrate into the hair follicles of your hair due to the large molecular size. So, while washing your hair shampoo just remains out on the exterior of your hairs and doesn’t nourish it internally and after you rinse the shampoo, the nourishment also gets rinsed off. 

This system is same as fertilizing a plant without adding fertilizer to the soil and only watering it. Without adding fertilizers to the soils you don’t provide nourishment to the plant and the plant is not attached to the soil nicely. This makes a plant weak and the next time when it rains the plant get out of the soil. The same happens with the hair. When you don’t provide nourishment to your hair it becomes weak and leads to hair fall. 

When you use a poor quality shampoo you are not giving your hair nourishment and eventually complain for having thin and poor hair quality.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to buy the best shampoo. 

First identify signs of poor quality hair that may lead you to hair fall. Here are some factors to identify:

  1. Your hair volume starts reducing
  2. Your hair cannot retain colors
  3. The luster of your hair starts lacking
  4. Your hair is frizzy and dry most of the time.
  5. You have split ends 

When you apply best shampoo and apply evenly to your hair may help you to solve problems. Just like your body, your hair also need care. When you workout you are in shape and when you stop working out your body starts having a bad shape. Similarly, when you care for hair and use the best shampoo and conditioner

A lot of people end up wasting their money on shampoos labelled as the best shampoo. But, the truth is that not all the shampoo is the best. To really know what the best shampoos are you should always consult hair professionals and good dermatologists. Make sure you tell your hair specialist clearly about the problems you are facing with your hairs. 

Here is what I have researched about the shampoos termed as the best shampoo. You can also share your views on the shampoos as per your experience. 

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