Reporting in Google Ads Improved – By Conversion time Column Added

Google Ads always come up with some new addition and improvement. This time it has added by conversion time reporting.

Earlier, conversion was reported by the date on which the ad was clicked.

This new report column will now give more detail on the conversion.

As per Google,

Starting today, you can report conversions and conversion values at the time they happened with new “by conversion time” columns. This means that if your ad was clicked on last week and that traffic converted this week, the new “Conversions (by conv. time)” column will now show a conversion for this week.”

Following are the columns available in the new report

  • Conversion ( By conversion time)
  • Conversion Value (By Conversion Time)
  • Value/Conversion (By Conversion Time)
  • All conversion (By conversion time)
  • All conversion Value (By Conversion time)
  • Value/all conversion (By conversion time)

This new stat will help the businesses to understand their conversion in a better way.

For more information click here

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