Tips to make your video lecture viral on Youtube

People love watching video and it is a good mode of communication for those who don’t want to read. Creating a video lecture helps you to gain a good number of potential audience. Videos are also helpful in making the students understand the subject better.

Let us explore some strategies to make your video lecture viral on YouTube

1. Clear and crisp content

When you are creating a video lecture for students make sure you pick small topics. Make video with clear audio quality and good picture quality. The content should be easily understood by the students watching the video. 

It is always good to start with a little background information about the topics and then explaining the main topic. 

A quality content video will certainly get a good amount of audience and help in making your video lecture viral.

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2. Interact in the comments

Interacting with your audience in the comment section is a great way to solve the queries of your video followers. This also helps in converting your viewers to your followers. Once you start getting followers your videos also starts getting good audience.

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3.  Share your video lecture

Once you have created your YouTube lecture it is important to share it on different platforms to get some views. The initial viewers help in getting more viewers. But the important thing that you should keep in mind here is to share your video lecture to a relevant chunk of audience. If you share your lecture to non relevant audience then your video may get a lot of bounce rate and lead to lower ranking on YouTube stream.

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4. Work Together with another YouTubers

When you work along with other YouTubers with good number of followers and viewers then you also get good followers. Ensure your content is good and ask other relevant YouTubers to help you in promoting your content. This will certainly help you in getting good and relevant followers.

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5.  Post your video at proper time

Time plays an important role in getting good and relevant audience. After creating video lectures ensure to post it on relevant time. A student gets free in the evening and browses the video. So whenever you post your videos in the evening there are good chances of getting good views and getting the video viral.

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The above mentioned tips will certainly help you in getting good and relevant audience on your video lecture. There are several other ways to promote your videos. But before promoting your video make sure your video has good content and is informative. The students should get all the answers related to the topic in your video. Your video should not be too lengthy and boring neither too short and lack information. Keeping some important things in mind you can certainly get good and relevant audience that have the potential to make your videos viral.

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