2020 women fashion trend

Travel with these Fashionable Attires For Women in 2020

Let’s check out 5 fashion trends that will rule this year.

  1. Over-Sized Victorian Sleeves is back

Yes, you are hearing it right. The typical Victorian Sleeves from the eighteenth century is back. The over-sized shape of the sleeves gives your attire a perfect retro look which can be a great semi-casual option. As it does not stick to the body, it is quite comfortable to wear. One can go for light coloured sleeves with a light gold plated pendant to pull off a vintage look from the 80s.

Pic Source: Instagram post by Cosette

2. Match it up with printed tops and stockings

You do not need to experiment too much with your attire every day. Sometimes it is just about finding the right match between tops and bottoms. Prints have replaced checks and stripes. Keeping in mind your look which can be from punky to girly, you need to choose your top and stockings of similar print. You will cast one tone and sleek look.

Pic Source: Telegraph.co.uk

3. Boiler suits are the fad you should try

The boiler suits have been ruling the charts since December 2019. These suits were originally designed for manual labours but nowadays, they are one of the latest fashion statements for women. There are many cuts and colours available, you can choose the one which suits you. It has become famous among the celebrities and they can be seen donning it in the daytime whether it is at a promotional event or the airports.

Pic Source: Boohoo.com

4. Give yourself a luxurious party look with velvet pants

In the new year, there would be plenty of parties and functions that you have to attend. It is important to style yourself up richly and vibrantly for the party. The great thing about velvet is that it casts a luxurious look and thus, can be a good companion for day functions as well as night parties. Other than the mesmerizing textures, it is the colour that makes it everybody’s favourite. There are bright as well as dark colours available. To rock the look you can wear velvet pants with comparatively light coloured sweaters.

Pic Source: AliExpress

5.Breathe in a blazer

Blazers have been evergreened. The trends that are coming in the market is about wearing blazers of ultra-light colours. Women are wearing blazers of shades like lavender, light rose, etc.

Pic source: Blazer

So, these are some of the women wardrobe styles that will be popular throughout the year 2020. The main thing which should not be missed with any of these styles is your smile. It is one of the best accessories to match up to any style.

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