Pandemic Definition and Reason Why Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Declared as Pandemic By WHO

Recently a new disease known as Corona virus infection (COVID-19) has been found. This Disease has been first time detected in humans and no vaccine has been developed yet for it

First reported in Wuhan district of China, the disease is caused by virus know as SARS-Cov-2. Recently on March 11th World Health organization (WHO) has declared Corona virus infection as PANDEMIC. Listening to the word Pandemic different people get it confused with known words such as Epidemic and outbreak.

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Here we will discuss what is Pandemic disease and what is the difference between Pandemic, Epidemic and an outbreak.


First of all, let’s discus an outbreak of a disease. The health professionals always keep track of number of cases of a particular disease to be found in an area or region. There is an expected number set for number of cases defined as normal in an area depending of climatic conditions, health facilities etc. For example, if 2 or 3 people in locality of 100 people are suffering from Influenza it can be termed as normal however if count is more than 50 in same area it is an outbreak. So when starting cases of Covid-19 were reported in Wuhan China, it was an outbreak as the form of virus is new and expected cases were Zero. The outbreak is in a small area or region of a bigger geographical location.


Now let’s come to the stage when a disease becomes an epidemic. When an outbreak reaches a bigger geographical region, it becomes an Epidemic. Slowly the case of Covid-19 started being reported outside Wuhan District. It reached other parts of China and neighboring countries. As per a release done by Who Dated January 22nd 2020 there were 314 confirmed cases till January 21st 2020. Out of 314 cases 309 were from China, 2 from Thailand, 1 from Japan and 1 from Republic of Korea. The cases reported till this time were exported from China.


The third stage of the disease, Pandemic. The rise in the cases of Covid-19 started growing exponentially and were started being detected all over the globe. The word Pandemic is combination of two Greek word Pan, meaning All, and Demos, meaning People. This is a term given to a disease which is been reported internationally and is growing. Till March 16th there were more than 180k confirmed cases of Covid -19 in more than 118 countries. The disease has caused lockdown in multiple countries. The most effected countries are China, Italy, Iran, Spain and Republic of Korea. We can say that efforts to stop global spread of the disease was not successful

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