A Complete Guide to Sweden With Some Fun Facts

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation, which means it is a sub region in northern Europe. Scandavian in local term covers 3 kingdoms: Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

It has natural beauty all around it and has thousands of Costal Islands and lakes, Glaciated mountains and dense forests.

Image Source: Google images

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. English is not the official language of Sweden but most of the population excels in speaking English.

Sweden weather in winter and summer are extreme different. Throughout the year the weather of this country is temperate.

The warm season or the summers season starts from June and stays till September. The cold season starts from November and stays till March.

Sweden has only 1 time zone and the country observes CET (Central European time) as standard.

When Daylight saving is observed, Sweden observes CEST time zone i.e. Central European Summer Time.

The Capital of Sweden is Stockholm and it has 4 Airports with International traffic.

  1. Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)
  2. Bromma Airport (BMA)
  3. Västerås Airport (VST) 
  4. Skavsta Airport (NYO)
Image Source: Google images

Fascinating Facts About Sweden

  1. About two third of the Sweden’s land is covered by forest. This is such a nice thing.
  2. Sweden is the 5th biggest country in Europe (area wise)
  3. This one is crazy, North Korea owes around $393 million for 1000 Volvos bought back in 70s. Insane!
  4. Stockholm Metros is the world’s largest art exhibition. Approx. 90 of the 100 stations have been decorated by work of 150 artists.
  5. Swedish passport is among the best passport in the world. It gives you entry to 124 countries without visa and you can have visa of another 33 countries on arrival.
  6. Sweden has the highest number of Mc Donald’s restaurants in the world.
  7. It is one of the gay-friendly country
  8. Sweden has the best work life balance. Sweden enjoys 5 weeks of paid vacations.
  9. Sweden has its own phone number. You just have to call on it and a person on the line will tell you about the weather and other queries regarding the country.
  10. One of the largest and popular retailer, H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is born in Sweden.

Have you ever visited Sweden? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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