Explore the scenic beauty of Norway in 2020

Norway has always been the centre of attraction for the world. The reason being is the uniqueness in terms of serenity, picturesque views, adventure sports, etc. The country tends to offer are not found elsewhere on earth. Every year the country attracts tonnes of tourists to their doorsteps and mesmerised them with their unforgettable destinations.

Tourist destination in Sweden that are hard to miss

Let’s dig deep and try to know more about Norway:

1. Funicular and Mount Floyen:

It is known as one of the best places in Bergen. The Funicular is the centre of the mountain, and Mount Floyen allows you to explore the beautiful views of the Bergen, Fjords and the other mountains surrounding the city. Many people like to indulge in adventurous sports like mountain biking, canoe paddling, hiking, etc. On your visit, you will be surrounded by forests, trails, little lakes and mountains.

Also you can relish a local dish named as “Floyenbleen” with an organic soup “Floyensuppen” on your visit to Mount Floyen.

2. Geiranger Fjord:

The place is known for its notable waterfalls known as Seven Sister falls, Suitor and Bridal Veil. The Seven Sister falls and Suitor faces one another and the third one is named as it falls delicately over any rocky edge. In 2005, the place was listed in UNESCO world heritage site.

The Fjord is known to be surrounded by mountains and does not have a habitable shore area and has rugged strata also seen to be straight out of water. The place is also famous for having many mountain farms and from jagged peaks you can plunge into the foaming waterfalls in Fjord.

3. Tromso Fjords:

Also known as the “Gateway of the Arctic”, the place showcases the northern light more than any other site in the world. The city Tromso enjoys two full months of the midnight sun. Also, the area has a series of skerries and islands laced with the scalloped inlets and waterways bordering the Norwegian Sea. The narrow, long sea inlets are also characterized by mountain slopes in the last Ice Age by glaciation.

Visitors tend to enjoy fishing and trip cruises in Tromso and explore its wildest natural scenery throughout the city. Can book your day trips with many service providers depending upon your stay and budget in Tromso.

4. Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock is one of the renowned tourist attractions for the Rogaland country in Norway. The cliff Pulpit Rock rises at 604 meters and is located at the northern and western part of the Fjord. Rock offers mesmerizing views of the river and is a major attraction for tourists who are in the country to explore the scenic beauty.

You can even book hiking trips to Pulpit Rock in summer as well as winters. The guide available will help you in reaching out to the desired destination with safety, group as well as solo booking are open.

5. Trolltunga

One of the famous rock formations in Norway, the Trolltunga is a spectacular and scenic cliff offering great views at the height of 700 meters. The place is situated at the Hardangervidda plateau at its western edge near to Odda town. The hiking to the cliff is quite demanding and offers magnificent views all along the way.

The hikers aiming for Trolltunga require about 7-10 hours to reach and should be in functional fitness and equipped with the required inventories. A treat to the eyes of natural wanderers, the place is excellent for the professional hikers, and the visitors should know that it can be tiresome to complete the hike in a day. Hence, they need to be super fit to enjoy the picturesque walk.

6. Geiranger Skywalk – Dalsnibba

The place is known for beautiful lakes, scenic beauty, crystal clear water and is ready to have an airy experience. The Nibbevegan one of the projects opened in 1939, is a symbol for Geiranger. The panorama can be enjoyed from the highest point and consists of steep mountain terrain, peaks and Fjords. The toll road operates from May to October so plan your vacations accordingly.

Norway hosts smalls as well as big tourist attractions in their country. They attract tourist from all over the world to enjoy their natural beauty and have rocky experience with enjoying spectacular views all along the way.

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