Benefits Of Travelling – Why You Must Travel

1. It Teaches You About the World

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.


Travelling teaches you about life, people and culture of the place you visit. You meet different kind of people and learn new things from them. The world is full of different experience and you have only one life. Isn’t learning from different places worth for this small life?

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2. Travelling gives you peace of mind

We all have some stress and tension in our life. Taking a break from daily routine and escaping to your favorite place for a vacation lightens your mood and gives you happiness. Make sure to plan your vacation and book your stay in advance to make your vacation smooth and relaxing.

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3. Boosts your confidence

Yes! Whether you are travelling alone or along with friends or family, travelling boosts your self confidence. It takes you out from your comfort zone and increases the ability to cope up with obstacles. The complete travelling experience helps in boosting a person’s confidence level.

4. Travelling teaches you about your self

One of the most important thing that you will experience while travelling is to explore yourself. No one knows about themselves unless and until they encounter situations. Travelling helps you to understand yourself and what you like and dislike. It helps you to identify how you feel about your homeland and how you feel about foreign lands.

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5. It broadens your horizon

Travelling helps you to meet different kind of people which is again an experience in itself. You get to know problems of places you visit and good things about the places. A good traveler observes things and try to identify problems. You get opportunity to see life challenges from a different angle.

6. Travelling makes you more interesting

This is the best thing about travelling that I like. Every time I am with my people I have some real life experiences to share with them and encourage them to visit a place. Every one travels with me whenever I tell them a story. So, yes travelling makes you an interesting person who is confident and experienced.

7. You can try foods of different places

This is again my favorite part of travelling as I am a foodie traveler. You get opportunity to try the local cuisines and street foods of places you travel. Every place is culturally different and so is the food. You can never taste a real dosa or idli unless you visit south India and similarly the real taste of chole bhature can’t be found anywhere else unless you visit Punjab.

8. You create a lifetime memory

You can forget what you had in lunch yesterday but you will never forget what you had for lunch in Jaipur. This means you are creating life time memory for you which will accompany you throughout your life.

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9. Travelling make you love your home even more

Last but not the least thing, yes for sure I love my home, my kitchen, my bed even more when I am back from a trip. Travelling gives you a life time experience and also make you realize nothing is better than being back at home.

Although travelling has lots of benefits but it can be painful if not planned. So, make sure to plan your journey in advance before you pack your bag 🙂

Want to reap all the benefits of travelling again? Then co-operate with the government and stay at home until COVID-19 is eradicated.

Happy Stay at Home!

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