Few Tourist Destination in Sweden that are Hard to Miss

Having varied landscapes and rich history, Sweden is known to be the traveller’s paradise. If you like to visit outdoors, it is hard to beat in comparison with any other destination. Water and air are crystal clean, and there are thousands of acres of majestic lakes and unspoiled forests, not to mention many archipelagos all along its coast. The public and road transport is excellent, and the citizens are quite helpful and friendly, and in recent years Swedish cuisine is undergone, and it can only be described as a revolution. 

Sweden looks for tourist attractions ranging from ancient towns and opulent palaces to vast arctic landscapes and Ice hotels. There are many things that you will want to be sure of plenty of time for enjoying the historical treasure and outdoor adventures.

Places to visit in Sweden

Gamla Stan:

Known to be Stockholm’s Old Town, a small concentrated place where the city is said to be established in the middle of the 13th century. Made in Scandinavian style the city is freshly painted and brushed. Stortorget being surrounded with old merchant homes. With the neighbourhood, along with many tea rooms, shops and restaurants, you will tend to find the Post Museum, Royal Coin Cabinet and Nobel Museum and various other churches.

Vasa Museum:

The Vasa Museum is in Stockholm and is known to be one of the most famous museums in Sweden and attracts millions of visitors every year. Since its establishment in 1990, there have been more than 20 million people who have visited the museum since its inception. The museum hosts about ten exhibitions in a day, and this is the reason why people need to spend a whole day exploring.


Being one of the World Heritage Sites at UNESCO, it lies on the outskirts of Stockholm. It is lined by the terraced park with the bronze sculptures from Denmark and Bohemia resembling the trophies brought back from war. Chinese Pavilion in the fairytale palace dates back to the 1700s. The theatre is still functional and is used in summer and for performances. 

Gota Canal:

The Canal dates from the 19th century and is about 190 kms in length. And it is now one of the country’s best tourist attractions and can offer a unique perspective in Sweden’s heart. Additionally, it is connected with lakes Vattern and Vanern, and the Trollhattan Canal forms the parts of the water link all along the way of Stockholm. Places tend to feature 58 locks and 47 bridges; the Canal stretches from Soderkoping at the Baltic Sea to Sjotorp on Lake Vanem. You can also hire a boat or can choose cruise vessels and experience in canals in their ways.

Visby, Gotland:

Steeped inside the medieval history and is also brimming intact with ruined churches, an island of Gotland, rose-entwined, Visby town and is also known as a massive draw for the visitors arriving from all over the world. Also adorned with the stepped gables, many of these medieval trading homes including many timber buildings from the 18th and 17th centuries can be seen. The place is also called by the name as “The pearl of the Baltic” and offers many guided tours for the tourists. To reach out to Stockholm you can choose the direct flights available, and you can also opt to commute from any other Swedish cities.

Stockholm Archipelago and Boat tours:

Also known as North Venice, Stockholm offers an unforgettable experience for its tourists. They are surrounded by water and approximately 30,000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. Summerhouses of varied colours like yellow and red are known to occupy many islands while others remain unspoiled. While planning for the Archipelago, keep in mind a trip in the water, and you can choose any of the available options, whether it is in or out of the city, it will be a mesmerizing experience for you. Accompanied by lunch and dinners, the city offers unique vantage city points for the travellers. Hop-off and Hop-on positions are available too and if you get a chance to get down in Stromma boats then do not give it a miss.

There is a lot more to speak about, Sweden, and it is a city which should be in the bucket list for every person who loves to wander around in search of his mind and soul.

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