Europe – Home to Incredible Destinations

Europe is the second smallest continent after Australia followed by Antarctica, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, and is located in the Northern Hemisphere. There are endless reasons to plan a trip to Europe. Its natural beauty, culture, museums are depicting the history of this place. Clean and beautiful beaches, many notable monuments and buildings like Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, etc are sufficient to be a reason to pay a visit and explore the wonders.

Most of Europe now uses a uniform currency called the Euro. With its rugged coastline, Europe is made up of more seafaring nations than any other continent. 

The Mediterranean borders it to the south, Asia to the east, and, therefore, the Atlantic to the west. The tallest mountain in Europe is Mt Elbrus in Russia (18,510 ft.), and the famous Alps are located in Europe. So, if you are looking forward to visit Europe, then don’t forget to visit below places: –

Santorini in Greece

The sunset point, volcanic beaches, hikes, flavor of different wines, boat tours, and luxurious hotels to stay in are some attractions in Santorini. One can spend hours viewing the beauty of this place and that too, without getting bored.

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Paris in France

Paris offers you everything that you can desire. How delightful it is to get away from the noisy street and smoky town and set off on bicycles to have the real view of the city. The serene and soothing environment will engulf you in your arms.  Spend some leisure time at the Eiffel Tower. Also spare time for the Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame and of course the legendary Opera. Explore the city while shopping side by side.

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Rome in Italy

You need to spend at least five days to unpack top attractions in Rome. Vatican, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, and Sistine chapel are astonishing. Jump into the food shops and funky vicinity to get into the original Rome.

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Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Amazingly beautiful city, which is bike-friendly as well as easy for walk freaks!  This power-packed city comes with green parks, excellent museums, and fun cafes.  You like it so much that you would love to live here forever. 

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Prague in the Czech Republic

Beer of this place is damn good. The renaissance architecture, the beauty of Vltava River, gothic grace, bridges, and churches are going to astound you. The statue of the Infant Jesus is located in the heart of the city of Mala Strana in Prague. Hoping that Jesus will fulfill their wishes, a lot of believers bow and pray in this shrine. The old town square showcases beautiful architecture.

 Ancient streets are always crowded with tourists. The same is the case with the famous Alfresco Restaurants. Musicians, merchants, and street performers are going to entertain you while you stroll around. It would be a memorable and enjoyable experience to take a slow walk across the Charles Bridge. Don’t miss the Czech cuisine, a dish quite famous here is Koleno. It is a type of pork. 

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Famous for the football team, also known for Camp Nou Stadium, hosted the Olympic Games in the year 1992. Las Ramblas is a beautiful place to stroll; a visit to Sagrada Familia is also a must that immerse you in different flavored chocolates and Churros. Some other famous food items are patatas bravas, blistered peppers, Bombas, Spanish omelets, croquettes, etc.

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The ornate architecture of this place is fantastic. It is famous for its Fado music.  Weather is pleasant all year round, and the locals are quite friendly. Alfama is a hilly place here; people usually take the tram to visit this place but if you want, you can choose to walk and burn calories. Sintra is just like heaven on earth. It is a small city in the hills with a picturesque landscape. One thing about the alluring architecture of Lisbon is the vibrant tiles, which are Portuguese Tiles and can be seen everywhere around. 

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This is an island. Taormina is a village from which Etna (active volcano) can be viewed. In Taormina, some more attractions are Isola Bella beach, Greek theatre, Aprile Square, etc. Ortigia homes the authentic museum, which is an open-air museum. Favignana is an island; the beaches here very famous, especially Cala Rossa. Enjoy the diving, beautiful flowers, clear water, and an utterly relaxing environment.

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Many tourists come here for lots of reasons like its café culture, historical past and Bernabeu Stadium. Prado museum exhibits paintings of various famous painters and don’t miss the Goya paintings as well. The oldest restaurant is situated here named “Sobrino de Botin.” Get ready to experience the great taste of roasted lamb and suckling pig.

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Best time to visit

Weather is pleasingly beautiful all year round. Still, you can choose June to September to visit this place. Beaches are warm; the sun is high, which means typically agreeable weather. If you want economic flight fare, then come from October to March.

Europe is an undeniably gorgeous place. It has everything to offer from good food to historical museums or theatres, beaches, busy and entertaining streets, and much more. Its magical beauty is going to engulf you in itself. European life and culture is amazingly good. Environment and weather is so pleasant that you will love it.

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