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2020 women fashion trend

Travel with these Fashionable Attires For Women in 2020

Let’s check out 5 fashion trends that will rule this year.

  1. Over-Sized Victorian Sleeves is back

Yes, you are hearing it right. The typical Victorian Sleeves from the eighteenth century is back. The over-sized shape of the sleeves gives your attire a perfect retro look which can be a great semi-casual option. As it does not stick to the body, it is quite comfortable to wear. One can go for light coloured sleeves with a light gold plated pendant to pull off a vintage look from the 80s.

Pic Source: Instagram post by Cosette

2. Match it up with printed tops and stockings

You do not need to experiment too much with your attire every day. Sometimes it is just about finding the right match between tops and bottoms. Prints have replaced checks and stripes. Keeping in mind your look which can be from punky to girly, you need to choose your top and stockings of similar print. You will cast one tone and sleek look.

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3. Boiler suits are the fad you should try

The boiler suits have been ruling the charts since December 2019. These suits were originally designed for manual labours but nowadays, they are one of the latest fashion statements for women. There are many cuts and colours available, you can choose the one which suits you. It has become famous among the celebrities and they can be seen donning it in the daytime whether it is at a promotional event or the airports.

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4. Give yourself a luxurious party look with velvet pants

In the new year, there would be plenty of parties and functions that you have to attend. It is important to style yourself up richly and vibrantly for the party. The great thing about velvet is that it casts a luxurious look and thus, can be a good companion for day functions as well as night parties. Other than the mesmerizing textures, it is the colour that makes it everybody’s favourite. There are bright as well as dark colours available. To rock the look you can wear velvet pants with comparatively light coloured sweaters.

Pic Source: AliExpress

5.Breathe in a blazer

Blazers have been evergreened. The trends that are coming in the market is about wearing blazers of ultra-light colours. Women are wearing blazers of shades like lavender, light rose, etc.

Pic source: Blazer

So, these are some of the women wardrobe styles that will be popular throughout the year 2020. The main thing which should not be missed with any of these styles is your smile. It is one of the best accessories to match up to any style.

How To Control Hair Fall When You Are a Vivid Traveller

Hair loss is a big problem for both men and women. It can cause worry and lower self esteem of people. There can be several reasons of hair fall in winter. If diagnosed right,you can control and have a healthy and beautiful hair. Here we will discuss the reasons of hair fall and some home remedies to cure hair fall problem.

You can also read some Tips on How To Buy the Best shampoo and Conditioner For Yourself.


1. PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

It’s a problem of harmonal imbalance in women. Women suffering from PCOS suffer hair thinning problem and are also observed with facial hair problem. Along with hair problem these women also suffer from acne, weight gain and ovulation problem.

2. Thyroid Problem

Thyroid is another harmonal imbalance problem that caused hair fall. Women with such condition can suffer with weight gain or weight loss issue. Thyroid is a gland which starts producing excessive or less harmone.

3. Deficiency

Deficiency can also be one of the reasons of hair fall. Nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and Copper are essential for hair quality and growth.

4. Stress

Do you know stress can cause hairloss which can last for months. If your work is stressful then make sure you meditate and excercise for good hair and healthy body.

5. Eye Strain or Increase In Eye power

This can also be one of the reasons for those who wear specs. Make sure you go for your eye check-up regularly and take proper care of your eye power.

6. Hairstyling Products

Who doesn’t love hair styling, but one should be extra cautious when using these hair styling products. Always go for high-quality products and do not over use any hair styling products. Give some time to your hair to recover after using these products.

How To Control Hair Fall Problem

To control hair fall there are some proven home remedies and tips. Once you caught the exact reason of hair fall it becomes easier for you to take care of your hair and hair loss by applying the required home remedies.

1. Egg Masks

Egg Masks are full of protein that helps in repair of the dull and dry hair.

The sulphur, phosphorus, iodine, selenium and zinc altogether helps in hair growth.

2. Licorice Root

This root is a very good herb to prevent hair loss and maintain the health of your hair. This herb helps to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp.

3. Green Tea

You may find it wiered because we have always herd green tea to detox body and weight loss. But a tea rich in antioxidants is also very beneficial in preventing hair loss and boost hair growth.

4. Coconut Milk

Anything that is rich in protein is always good for the health of your hair. Likewise, coconut milk which has loads of protein and essential fats helps in hair growth and stops hair fall. It is very good for dry hairs and makes them look shiny and healthy.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another natural ingredients that can easily be found near you. Apply it’s pulp or mix the pulp with a hair oil and apply it on your head.

6. Onion Juice

Onion juice has antibacterial properties, hence it is very good for your scalp. A healthy scalp is necessary to have a healthy and dense hair. Apply the juice of onion on the scalp and get rid of any kind of infection and flaky scalp.

These were some of the reasons and remedies of hair fall. Be cautious before applying any of the above remedies. Ensure you know the problem so that you get good results.

List Of Budget-Friendly Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated throughout North India with great enthusiasm. This Festival of light becomes the most reasonable excuse to meet and greet your dear ones.

Why not greet your loved ones with some unique and budget-friendly gifts. Checkout the list below,

1. Make Customized Chocolates Hamper

Chocolates are evergreen gifts you can gift to your dear ones. Make it unique by combining different flavors. You can make your own customized hamper by adding a small note or letter for your friends and family members.

2. Beautiful Pendant Set

This gifting item is apt for the women in your life. You can bring a broad smile on your special lady’s face. With Diwali festival comes the season of discount. Grab the offers and make a fair deal.

3. Diyas and Lights

On the festival of lights this can be the most apt gift. You will find a lot of beautiful Diya sets and candles in the market. Or, you can purchase a plain Diya and decorate it on your own to make it a previous gift.

Diwali Diya Gifts

4. Green Plants and Flowers

Diwali brings winter season along. The nursuries are filled with seasonal flowers to bloom throughout winter. Why not gift a plant to your loved ones and make this Diwali a green Diwali. You can adorn the flower pot with small lights to give it a festive feel.

5. Dry Fruit Box

This is the traditional gift people each other. No one can deny to have this box full of healthy nuts. A must gift box on festival like Diwali.

6. Cookie Box

If you are bored of gifting sweet box and chocolates then you can gift a cookie hamper of different flavors. The best thing about this box is that it lasts for months without getting ruined.

Diwali gift ideas recklesshubh

These were some gifts that can be bought at the last minute and are also budget-friendly. Whichever you choose make sure to express your love. Have a happy and safe Diwali

How To Make the Right Choice Of Shampoo

Generally, when you are out in a hair salon to buy any shampoo you might drain off your money on a product which gives you no good other than taking away nourishment and texture from your hair. Most of the shampoos advertised as the best shampoo really do nothing other than taking away natural features of your hair. The ingredients present in normal shampoos are non organic and chemical based that only makes your hair quality poor and low. 

Let’s Understand the features of a normal shampoo

A normal shampoo has molecules that are larger than the pores of the cells of your hair. This is why the nutrients in the shampoo are unable to penetrate into the cells of the hair. Also, they are unable to penetrate into the hair follicles of your hair due to the large molecular size. So, while washing your hair shampoo just remains out on the exterior of your hairs and doesn’t nourish it internally and after you rinse the shampoo, the nourishment also gets rinsed off. 

This system is same as fertilizing a plant without adding fertilizer to the soil and only watering it. Without adding fertilizers to the soils you don’t provide nourishment to the plant and the plant is not attached to the soil nicely. This makes a plant weak and the next time when it rains the plant get out of the soil. The same happens with the hair. When you don’t provide nourishment to your hair it becomes weak and leads to hair fall. 

When you use a poor quality shampoo you are not giving your hair nourishment and eventually complain for having thin and poor hair quality.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to buy the best shampoo. 

First identify signs of poor quality hair that may lead you to hair fall. Here are some factors to identify:

  1. Your hair volume starts reducing
  2. Your hair cannot retain colors
  3. The luster of your hair starts lacking
  4. Your hair is frizzy and dry most of the time.
  5. You have split ends 

When you apply best shampoo and apply evenly to your hair may help you to solve problems. Just like your body, your hair also need care. When you workout you are in shape and when you stop working out your body starts having a bad shape. Similarly, when you care for hair and use the best shampoo and conditioner

A lot of people end up wasting their money on shampoos labelled as the best shampoo. But, the truth is that not all the shampoo is the best. To really know what the best shampoos are you should always consult hair professionals and good dermatologists. Make sure you tell your hair specialist clearly about the problems you are facing with your hairs. 

Here is what I have researched about the shampoos termed as the best shampoo. You can also share your views on the shampoos as per your experience. 

Caring Your Colored Hair With The Best Shampoo

People invest precious time and money with professionals to get colored hairs. The professionals give their best efforts, to come out with a new and fresh look of yours with the colored hairs. In their training they are inculcated by both the technicality and the creativity of hair coloring. They are expected to give your personality and overall look, the best, by choosing a color that compliments you. This is surely an art, as it needs a lot of artistic view of hair coloring. It would be a shame for you, if you cannot retain the hard work of a hair coloring professional, and ruin the persona, look and the self confidence you’ve got by this renewed style unless you need a change. 

You will be awestruck by the fact, that when you wash your hair very often you are on the verge of damaging your hair color. The companies with good reputation even claim that washing your hair damages hair color the most, rather than exposure to pollution and sunlight. A professional guidance should be taken while choosing the best shampoo to preserve your colored hair. 

Following are some important factors you should take care of while choosing the best shampoo and conditioners:

Free of Sulfate: sulfate is one of the main components a shampoo as it helps in removing dirt and oil from hair. The bad news is that, they remove hair colors too. So, we should use the best shampoo which is sulfate free and friendly to hair colors. The market is flooded with a range of best shampoos free from sulfate.  

pH: On pH scale, your hair ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. The protective layers of the hair are damaged by the increased pH leaving behind the hair fibers at risk. Normally the water we use to wash our hair has a pH level of around 7. Hence, we should use the best shampoo which can maintain the pH level around 4.5 to 5.5 while cleaning your hair. This helps in managing the color of hair. 

Natural and organic ingredients: Earlier, it was known that no ingredients from shampoo can pass through the scalp. But, it is not right. Some ingredients like parabens, ammonia, sodium laurel sulfates are some ingredients that can pass through the pores on the scalps and enter to the blood streams. These ingredients are very harmful for your body health as they can cause cancer as studies say. This is the reason why you should avoid using shampoos having harsh chemicals and always use shampoos with natural and organic ingredients. This will help you to get not only healthy hair but also will keep you away from any other health risk. 

Try some good online stores to purchase the best shampoo and conditioners. There are countless online stores offering high quality organic shampoos that are best to use when you have colored hair. Also, Share your views on how to protect hair color if you have any.

9 Ways To Reduce Hair Fall in Women

You will often find people complain for hair loss. It is a common problem throughout the year. Many home remedies can save you from hair fall problem.

Here are some hair fall reasons and tips that can help you to reduce your hair fall in winter and all other seasons.

1.Use Good Shampoo Brand:

This is the first and foremost step you should take to find a shampoo that can aid to grow hair effectively. You will find numerous of companies offering range of shampoos. Always go for the company that has best reputation among all. This helps you to avoid buying poor rated products. 

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2. Check out the Ingredients:

While you are checking out various shampoos always have a look at ingredients it contains. This will help you to search out any harmful ingredient that may damage your hair. Always buy best shampoo for hair fall that contains natural combination in the shampoo. The combinations of the shampoo are mentioned on the packaging. 

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3. Make sure you have read the reviews:

Before buying the best shampoo and conditioner for you always go through the reviews given by the people who have already used it. Reading reviews help you to find the shampoo’s quality. You can find the review on internet by some customer that has already used it. Consumer reviews give you clearest view about best shampoo and conditioner in the market. Read the reviews keenly before making your choice about the best shampoo.

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4. Avoid washing hair very frequently:

This tip is the most important one, for those who wish to solve their hair loss problem. Never, ever wash your hair very frequently! Washing your hair very often moisten your scalp and weakens your hair follicles. This lead hair loss problem. The best and suitable is to wash your hair after 2 – 3 days. 

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5. Stay away from pollution:

Always cover your hair when you are out in pollution. Also, cover your head to protect you from UV rays. High pollution and UV rays may damage your hair and give you split ends. Split ends a big reason for hair fall. In case you cannot stay away from sun rays containing UV and pollution try to use a shampoo and conditioner that reduces split ends and hair fall.  

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6. Enrich Your Diet With Proteins

Eat protein rich food like soya, fish, pulses etc that promotes hair growth.

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7. Avoid Smoking

Smoking reduces blood flow to your scalp which not only causes hair loss and dandruff but also premature graying. The toxins found in cigarette affects your hormone and hair follicles.

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8. Avoid Regular Heating, Pressing and Drying

Heating is harmful for hair because it weakens the hair protien. This can lead to fragility and weakness of hair. This also causes hair fall.

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9. Avoid regular drinking

Too much drinking can reduce the iron level in your body. Drinking dehydrates the body which can damage the health of your hair. Dehydration causes dryness which ends up giving a lot of hair fall issue.

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These are some tips that will help you in reducing hair loss problem.