Visit to the Pink City of Jaipur – Travel Trips in India

Area wise Rajasthan is the biggest state of India and lies in the northern India. The state covers 342,239 square kilometres area of India. The largest city which is also the capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Jaipur is also called the Pink city of Jaipur.

In this blog, we will explore some places of Jaipur and find out why it is called the Pink city of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Shares its boundary with Indian states like Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Neighbourhood country Pakistan. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan shares its border with Haryana.

Jaipur is well connected to almost all the parts of India and can be easily reached via road, air and rail.

How to Reach Jaipur, The Pink City of Rajasthan?

Jaipur by Air:

Jaipur airport is Approx. 7 Km from the city and all the major cities of India is well connected. It is also connected to some of the overseas countries. Daily domestic flights to Jaipur are from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Indore. The International regular flights are to Muscat, Dubai and Sharjah. Some flights are available via Delhi.

Jaipur By Train:

By train Jaipur is well connected to most of the part of India. One special and Luxury Train known as Palace on Wheels connects you to all the major destinations of Rajasthan Including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Alwar.

Jaipur By Road:

Jaipur is well connected to Delhi and all other parts of India via Highways. To reach Jaipur Via Delhi You can take Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation buses. There are AC and Non-Ac buses available and it takes approx. 5-6 hours depending on the traffic to reach Jaipur bus stand.

Why is Jaipur Called the Pink City?

Once you reach Jaipur, you will at once catch why this city is called Pink City. The markets, Houses and buildings are coloured with Pink, which is a historically represented as welcoming and hospitality.

After Prince Albert visited the city, the city stayed pink because of the favourite wife of Maha Raja Sawai Ram Singh, whose favourite colour was Pink.

A Law was passed in 1877 to keep the colour of buildings in Jaipur Pink.

Places to see in Jaipur

You will find the forts quite fascinating in Jaipur. Here are some list of places you can visit in Jaipur

  1. Amer Fort
  2. Nahargarh Fort
  3. Jaigarh Fort
  4. Birla Temple
  5. Jal Mahal
  6. Ram Niwas Garden
  7. Govind Ji Temple
  8. Anokhi Museum Of Hand Painting
  9. Masala chowk
  10. Akshardham Temple, Jaipur
  11. Jantar Mantar, Jaipur
  12. City Palace
  13. Digamber Jain Mandir
  14. Sisodia Rani Garden
  15. Jawahar Circle
  16. Samode Palace
  17. Hari Mahal Palace
  18. Raj Mahal Palace

Share you Jaipur Visit experience in the comment section below.

What to Pack on a Trekking Trip? Let’s Find Out

Every time I plan a trip, I am so excited that I always forget to keep one or two essential things. Well, this is normal and happens with every one. The excitement to leave for a trekking destinations makes me forget your present and my head keeps on planning random things on my travel.

Making mistakes and forgetting essential things makes you a pro traveler as you learn from your past experiences. From my last trip I have learn what Important things you must carry on a hiking or a trekking trip. I so do not want to be again in a middle of situation where I am thinking If I had this thing it would have been better. So, I have made a list of essential items which I surely carry on my trekking trip.

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Munching Items
  3. Bag Pack
  4. Torchlight
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Trek Pants
  8. Cap or Hat
  9. Power Bank
  10. Rain Coat
  11. First Aid
  12. Water Bottle
  13. Sleepers/Sandle
  14. Undergarments
  15. Toiletries
  16. Dry Fruits/ Chocolates / Protein Bars

These are a list of some item to pack when you are leaving for a trekking.

Share your list of items that you pack when you go on a trekking trip.


Movies that Will Inspire You to Visit Ladakh

Ladakh, the land of passes is one of the beautiful places to visit in India. It is famous for the breathtaking views, the clear skies and thrilling adventure activities.

Can’t visit Ladakh due to COVID-19 lock down? Why not watch some movies that are shot in this beautiful region administered by India as Union territory.

1. Lakshya

Lakshya is a story of aimless young man, Karan who quits Indian army seeing the tough life of a soldier. He later rejoins the Indian army to make his girlfriend proud. He aspires to conquer the peak 5179 against Pakistani troops with broken leg. He finally conquers and flies the Indian flag at the back drop of Ladakhi mountains. The mountain views and the terrain shown in this movie are breath taking.

2. LOC Kargil

This is a historical war drama film based on the 1999, Operation Vijay and Battle of Tololing. This is a multi-star Bollywood movie highlighting the relationship of a soldier with their loved ones at the time of war as well as the patriotic spirit of the Indian army. The final war scene of the movie is shot in Leh and Ladakh.

3. Dil Se

Dil se is a romantic thriller movie based on the insurgency in Northeast India. The lead roles were played by Shahrukh Khan and Manisha Koirala, while it was a debut film of Preity Zinta. The shooting location of this movie was Himachal, Assam, New Delhi, Kerala, Bhutan along with Leh. The song “Satrangi Re” was shooted near Thikse Monastery, pangong lake and the mystical Basgo Monastery Ruins.

Dil Se Reckless Hub

4. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Jab Tak hai Jaan is romantic drama with Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. The film was shooted in multiple locations including Laddakh.

5. Bard of Blood

This movie depicts the journey of a spy who is alotted a mission to rescue 4 intelligence officers who were captured in Balochistan, Pakistan. The lead role in the movie is played by Imraan Hashmi and Sobhita Shulipala.

6. Road to Laddakh

You can even notice the shooting location by the movie trailer. The sand of laddakh and picturesque views have been beautifully captured in the movie. The story revolves around a mysterious smuggler and a reckless woman Sharon. The lead role is played by Irrfan Khan.

7 Best Netflix Travel Shows to watch Right Now

This lock down due to COVID19 has house arrested many travelling souls.

Well, for now travelers have to follow the local orders and must not hang around for tourism purpose. Until then you can watch some amazing travel series on Netflix, which will surely make you feel good.

1. Dark Tourist 2018

It is a documentary on Netflix based on dark tourism. For people who do not know the meaning of dark tourism, Dark tourism is a defined as travelling involved to historical places associated with death and tragedy. The series is presented by David Farrier, who is a journalist from New Zealand.

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

2. Departures

Departures is 2008 Japanese drama film. The film is directed by Yōjirō Takita. The film is about leading character Daigo Kobayashi, who follows his profound and his journey with death. The character uncovers the meaning of life and living, Joy and wonder.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

Pic source: Gstatic

3. Unbranded

Unbranded is a 2015 documentary movie and is directed by Phillip Baribeau. You will see how group of four friends go on life-changing journey on a Mustang.

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 75%

Pic source: Youtube

4. Street Food (2019)

Street food is a 2019 documentary where you can explore “street foods” from the world’s most vibrant cities. You can explore street food of different cities from Singapore to India just at the comfort of your sofa. The highlights of this documentary is on the perseverance and culture that gives life to the cuisine’s from different country.

IMDb Rating: 8/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Pic Source: Pinterest

5. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This is a British documentary where you will see architectures of unique residents. The couple travels far and wide to explore such residents. From house made of recycled material to houses at unusual locations are featured in this documentary.

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes:

Pic source:

6. Long Way Round

This British documentary features two motorcyclist, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman and their journey from London to New York on Motorcycle. You will love to watch this tale of two motorcyclist.

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes:

Pic Source: Google

7. Night on Earth

This British documentary is based on nature and is narrated by Smira Wiley. You can watch about animals that are active during the night. You will find this documentary series mind-blowing and outstanding.

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes:

Pic Source: Netflix

How to Make a Face Mask with Fabric

Center for disease control recommends wearing face mask when you go to a public place such as grocery stores and pharmacies. These areas have high risk of community based transmission. A simple cloth covering also does the work but to manage it is quite difficult.

If you do not have a face mask and you are not getting it on the pharmacies you can create your own face mask at home. Creating your own face mask is cheap and you don’t have to visit the pharmacies again and again.

Photo by Janko Ferlic on

Note: Do not use cloth face mask for children below 2 years of age. Try to keep kids below 2 years of age indoors.

Face mask made from fabric are washable and must be washed regularly depending on the number of frequency of use.

Sewing Instructions – What to do and What not to do

How to Sew Cloth Face Mask


  1. Two rectangles of cotton fabric – size 10″ x 6″
  2. Two pieces of elastic (Rubber band, cloth strips, hair ties or String) – size 6″
  3. Scissors
  4. Thread and Needle
  5. Sewing Machine

Tutorial on how to stitch face mask by cloth

  1. Take a cotton cloth for example, woven cotton, quilting fabric or cotton sheet. T – shirt fabric can also work.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of cotton fabric in 10 by 6 inch of size.
  3. Stack both the pieces as it were single piece of fabric
  4. Fold the long side for about 1/4 inch
  5. Fold the short side of the fabric for about 1/2 inch and stitch them.
  6. Run a 6-inch length elastic from the short side to make ear loops.
  7. Tie the elastics from the ends and pull a little bit of the elastic so the knots go inside.
  8. Stitch the elastic in place to keep the elastic from slipping.
  9. Your face mask is ready to use.

Step by step Images

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Fellow Travellers – Follow these rules and stay away from COVID19

Corona-virus is a widely and easily spread disease. The infected person doesn’t know he/she is infected till the symptoms starts showing. It can take up to 2 to 10 days to show the corona-virus symptoms.

Here are some rules that you must follow in your day to day life to stay away from corona-virus.

1. Always wash the milk packet bought from market and then wash your hands.

2. Open your courier or parcels after a day. Till then keep it aside on an isolated table.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

3. Do not allow elderly people to go out on walk or yoga these days.

Photo by Immortal shots on

4. Do not send your kids to tuition classes, music class or dance class.

Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah on

5. Clean your door bell daily 3-4 times a day.

6. Do not go to gym these days.

7. Try Not to use public transportation or cabs.

8. Clean your house floor 2 times a day.

9. Cook food in home and don’t order it from outside.

10. Sanitize your T.V remote, Laptop, Phone etc at least once a day.

11. Wash your clothes or keep the clothes aside after reaching home from office or market.

12. Consult the doctor if you have cough or cold.

13. Do not touch your face and tell this to old people also.

14. Keep fruits and vegetable in the fridge only after cleaning them nicely with water.

Photo by cottonbro on

15. Wash your hands frequently and nicely with soap water.

Maintaining cleanliness is the only way to stop spreading this pandemic disease.

Stay Home! Stay Happy!

Pandemic Definition and Reason Why Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Declared as Pandemic By WHO

Recently a new disease known as Corona virus infection (COVID-19) has been found. This Disease has been first time detected in humans and no vaccine has been developed yet for it

First reported in Wuhan district of China, the disease is caused by virus know as SARS-Cov-2. Recently on March 11th World Health organization (WHO) has declared Corona virus infection as PANDEMIC. Listening to the word Pandemic different people get it confused with known words such as Epidemic and outbreak.

Photo by cottonbro on

Here we will discuss what is Pandemic disease and what is the difference between Pandemic, Epidemic and an outbreak.


First of all, let’s discus an outbreak of a disease. The health professionals always keep track of number of cases of a particular disease to be found in an area or region. There is an expected number set for number of cases defined as normal in an area depending of climatic conditions, health facilities etc. For example, if 2 or 3 people in locality of 100 people are suffering from Influenza it can be termed as normal however if count is more than 50 in same area it is an outbreak. So when starting cases of Covid-19 were reported in Wuhan China, it was an outbreak as the form of virus is new and expected cases were Zero. The outbreak is in a small area or region of a bigger geographical location.


Now let’s come to the stage when a disease becomes an epidemic. When an outbreak reaches a bigger geographical region, it becomes an Epidemic. Slowly the case of Covid-19 started being reported outside Wuhan District. It reached other parts of China and neighboring countries. As per a release done by Who Dated January 22nd 2020 there were 314 confirmed cases till January 21st 2020. Out of 314 cases 309 were from China, 2 from Thailand, 1 from Japan and 1 from Republic of Korea. The cases reported till this time were exported from China.


The third stage of the disease, Pandemic. The rise in the cases of Covid-19 started growing exponentially and were started being detected all over the globe. The word Pandemic is combination of two Greek word Pan, meaning All, and Demos, meaning People. This is a term given to a disease which is been reported internationally and is growing. Till March 16th there were more than 180k confirmed cases of Covid -19 in more than 118 countries. The disease has caused lockdown in multiple countries. The most effected countries are China, Italy, Iran, Spain and Republic of Korea. We can say that efforts to stop global spread of the disease was not successful

Foods that will boost your immunity

Fellow Travellers – Checkout these Foods that will Boost Your Immunity System

Staying healthy has no shortcuts. You need to eat healthy and exercise daily. To keep away disease like flu, cough and cold it is important to add immunity booster food in your diet. So, next time you visit your grocery store make sure you buy these immunity booster foods for yourself and your family.

  1. Bell Peppers:
    Bell Peppers come in different colors: yellow, red green and orange. It can be eaten either raw or cooked. They are rich in vitamin C and has low fat content. Some more vitamins that are found in bell peppers are Vitamin B6, Vitamin K1, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, potassium and folate. This food is good for eye, and it prevents anemia.undefined
  2. Citrus fruits:
    Citrus fruits like sweet oranges, limes, grapefruit, lemon etc are also excellent source of Vitamin C. They also contain plant compounds and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants affects. These fruits are rich in fiber. Citrus fruits reduce the risk of kidney stone, cancer, boost heart health, and improve brain functioning.
  3. Garlic:
    Garlic is used to treat many medical conditions. The medicinal benefit is due to the sulfur compound formed in garlic when it is crushed, chewed and chopped. Garlic cures cough and cold, reduces blood pressure, improved cholesterol level in body and keeps the heart healthy. It lowers the risk of heart disease. Helps in improving brain functioning and reduces the chance of dementia and Alzheimer.
  4. Yogurt:
    This dairy product that is made by fermenting milk provides protein and calcium to the body and enhance gut bacteria. Pro-biotic bacteria found in yogurt helps in improving digestion, decrease gastric problem, and bloating. People who are lactose intolerant can consume yogurt and fulfill the calcium requirement.undefined
  5. Almonds:
    Almonds are loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin E and Magnesium. It helps in reducing Cholesterol levels, maintains blood pressure, Harmful Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol, reduces hunger and lowers calorie intake and helps in healthy weight loss.
  6. Mushroom:
    Mushrooms are the source of selenium and vitamin B like niacin and riboflavin. The minerals and Vitamins of mushroom helps in boosting immunity in human body.
  7. Nuts
    These are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acid and Zinc. Vitamin E keeps your cell healthy and helps you fight against invading bacteria that weakens your immune system.undefined
  8. Fish
    Fish is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins like Riboflavin and Vitamin D. It is rich in phosphorus and calcium and is a great source of iodine, zinc, potassium and magnesium. The best thing about this non veg meal is that it is high in protein and less in fat. undefined
  9. Spinach
    Spinach contains essential nutrients like carotene, Vitamin C, Flavonoids and Vitamin E. Vitamin E and C found in spinach helps in boosting your Immune system.

Footbal game american

Why American Football Game Is the Best Sport in the World – 10 Reasons

Regardless of where you watch a football match, one thing that never changes is the passion that everyone around the game holds for football. Every major stadium of the football world is packed with fans that would do anything for their club and players to win. No other game in the world can match the passion of football as it stands second to Cricket and has a similar fan following. 

1. Closely following Bowl 

Regardless of what’s the climate or some different components, individuals will appreciate the gathering since they have the equivalent interest in football. They can even play football with outsiders and have your own Tailgating Bowl. 

2. Cinderella Stories 

The NFL is packed with Cinderella stories that we overall know and love. Cinderella stories are seen all through all games and particularly in football. 

3. The “Chess Match” 

Possibly as a football fan, each one figures the person can mentor a group. In any case, as a mentor requires such a lot of reasoning and planning, just the genuinely talented can do it. It’s amusing to perceive how mentors plan to get the high ground every single week. No other game requires so much thinking.Then we could called it “Chess Match” 

4. Competitions  

Without a doubt, each game has conflicts. Actually, various games may have the more verifiably captivating conflicts. However, in football, they are generally remarkable considering the way that, well, the motivation behind the game is to hit the other gathering in the mouth as hard as would be prudent. 

5. Protective Excitement 

In no game is protection more intriguing than football. Indeed, even offense is and consistently will be king, however defence in football can create the same amount of a response as a touchdown or long pass can. Defensive touchdowns are among the most energizing plays in football and there is nothing that jack’s a group’s aggregate adrenaline like a monster hit. The way that protection in football can affect a game in such a solid way is the motivation behind why it makes football so energizing. Likewise, think about this: in different games, resistance can lead to scoring openings. In football, the safeguard can just take the ball and score itself. 

6. Week after week Intrigue 

Ball and hockey can keep their 82 games. Baseball can keep its 162.Football, we get just 16 and that implies that each game is significant. You can take vacation days in different games. Losing a game in basketball often leads to the saying “it’s just one out of 82.” In football, on the off chance that you said “it’s just one out of 16,” you’d be cut on the spot. 

No game can coordinate the week-to-week earnestness that is available in football stadiums across the nation on Sunday. Football is the main game that can catch your eye for each waking minute regardless.

7. Dream Football 

Football brought forth an industry of easy armchair quarterbacks simply dying the dust to one-up their companions while following their preferred players at the equivalent time.Fantasy football is never again only a hobby. It is a multi-million dollar industry that is given life essentially on the grounds that football exists.

8. Thanksgiving Traditions 

In American, there are numerous incredible traditions, yet none as energizing as Thanksgiving football. On Thanksgiving, families the country over go out, whatever may happen, to play America’s preferred game and it has become a tradition ritual that everybody anticipates each year. 

9. Parity 

Equality is an excellent thing. It’s the procedure wherein certain elements consolidate to guarantee that each group will be in any event sensibly serious for irregular times.But in football, equality is alive and present each year. Football is a definitive round of inches, implying that the littlest skip could be the contrast between a success and a misfortune. 

Equality may not be the most unbelievable thing to most fans, particularly ones who like administrations, however to most fans, equality is an indication that nothing will ever be the equivalent in any year.To most fans, that is a luring prospect. Football is a game that is rarely exhausting—nothing is ever as it appears.

 10. The Super Bowl 

The NBA Finals is best of seven.The Stanley Cup Finals is best of seven.The World Series is best of seven.The Super Bowl? It is a game that characterizes the expression “no tomorrow” and has been viewed as a national occasion for a long time. Families the country over watch the Super Bowl. It needs two weeks of media inclusion before the opening shot so as to get the entirety of the data expected to advise general society. The advertisements are exemplary. The halftime show is epic. More nourishment is expended on Super Sunday the country over than on Thanksgiving.

What is Guest Blogging? Why is it Important in SEO?

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is also known as guest posting. It is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build links, authority, exposure, and relationships. SEO Guest blogging gives a strong chance to secure a link back from another website and links are a primary ranking factor in Google, in addition to the other marketing considerations. It helps you initiate authority among viewers and establishes a connection with the blogger hosting your post, taps into their audience for additional exposure.

How Do I Get Started With Guest Blogging?

Before we begin, your main task is to decide what your aim for guest blogging is. It helps to  determine the right kind of blogs to submit guest posts to. There are mainly three main goals for guest blogging.

-A well-known name in the industry and positioning yourself as an authority.

-Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website.

-Building backlinks to your website.

By putting high-quality content on the top blogs, you can do all three of these things. If you are trying to achieve either 1 or 2, then you will find blogs that have an engaged audience and are good sized. If you are just trying to accomplish the last one then you need such kinds of blogs that have strong root domain authority. This will all help you in determining which blogs will be the best for you by putting guest posts.

How Does Guest Blogging Impact SEO?


Backlinks are one of the main ranking factors in SEO. The main impact guest blogging will have on your site’s SEO is through your site’s link profile. As you put up new sites, you should assure new links on new websites (where you give your post).

There are a few characteristics of how Google gauges a link. This includes the placement of the link on the page, the domain and page the link is on, and the anchor text. In this section, You can use the links you get from guest blogging to improve your SEO strategy.

Link Placement

Ideally, your link will be placed to the surrounding context,  the body of the article and supporting the article. Guest posts have a biographical paragraph that speaks about  your company and background

What Does High-Quality Guest Blogging Look Like?

The typical goals for a guest blogging strategy align with certain benefits. They include:

-Positioning yourself as an expert so you get speaking engagements and can be cited more often.

-Increasing your social media audience or email subscriber numbers

-Driving traffic to your site in general or (to a specific landing page ) to get more sales and leads

-Building awareness of your services, brand, and products

-Improving SEO by attracting inbound links

Final Verdict

It is essential to have a goal in mind to ensure the resource people see when they arrive delivers what you promise and can frame your bio appropriately. Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to build trust with the new clients you’re attracting.

Jim Corbett tiger Safari

Your Handy Guide to Plan a Visit For Jim Corbett National Park

Situated in the state of Uttarakhand in Northern India, Jim Corbett National Park is one of the main tourism attractions of Uttarakhand. Being counted as a major wildlife sanctuary of India, many wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts visit this place every year with a great zeal and joy. Planning a tour to Jim Corbett and jeep safari in Jim Corbett jungle is a must do thing in the list of active travelers. To serve the ever-rising tourist inflow, the Government of Uttarakhand has also improved the transportation to Corbett effectively in a way that it now offers a smooth journey to tourists. The whole region of the Jim national park is divided into four different zones called Durgadevi, Jhirna, Bijrani, and Dhikala. 


Jim Corbett Jungle Safari Packages

You will find several dealers offering jungle safari packages. If you book your package online you will get a jeep safari in around INR 4500 for 6 people.

Before booking for any safari do extensive research on the price and packages provided online.

Popular Corbett national park safari packages available online are:

  1. Corbett Jeep safari
  2. Corbett Canter Safari
  3. Corbett Elephant Safari

You can either take the government lodge or forest rest house which is in the Jungle area or you can plan your stay in beautiful resorts outside the jungle area in nearby villages.

Dhikala is a popular zone with a forest rest lodge. Night stay in the lodge is compulsory and you can not go outside at the night. The experience is worth if you plan your stay in this zone.

Another popular zone with the facility of night stay is the Bijrani rest house. You can plan a stay in the lap of nature in the middle of jungle.

You can get a stay package along with Jungle Safari Online easily.

It is spread over an area of 540 square kilometers.  The national park is a complete package for flora and fauna. Tourism is only allowed in the appropriate areas of the Corbett Tiger Reserve in order to maximize the diverse wildlife living in the park and viewing its splendid landscape.  Every year there is a dynamic increase in the number of visitors. From the different parts of the country and abroad more than 70,000 visitors come to the park in the peak season.

Extended River

Nature lovers and Wildlife lovers prefer this oldest national park as compared to other popular national parks in India such as Kaziranga National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kanha National Park, and many others located in the various parts in India. The popularity of Corbett national park is due to the captivating landscape for the delight of nature lovers and the presence of the Royal Bengal Tiger in abundance.

General Information :

Corbett Tiger Reserve Area: 1318 Square kilometers.

Jim Corbett National Park Area: 520 Square kilometers.

The altitude of the park : 385-1100 m above mean sea level.

Annual rainfall: 1400-2800 mm.

Temperature range: During summer upto 42 degrees | Winter upto 4 degrees Celsius  

When to Visit Corbett National Park :

Don’t expect any forgiveness in the savage heat during the summer season while planning to visit this place. It has to remain from April to June months every year. During this time the temperature varies between 35 and 47 degrees Celsius so the more light clothes you wear the more light you will feel. Light-colored cotton T-shirts are most preferred in this season. Along with light clothes, you must carry sunglasses, a scarf, a cap or hat, water to protect yourself from the sun rays.

How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park : 

Nowadays Tourists in national parks choose many modes of transport to reach Corbett.

Reaching Jim Corbett National Park:

Ramnagar is the town near to Corbett National Park. It is famous as a sanctuary for Indian Wildlife. Ramnagar is well connected via road to Haridwar, Dehradun, Lucknow, Nainital, Ranikhet, and New Delhi. 

The distance between Dehradun and Jim Corbett is 163 Km and it takes approx 5 hours to reach.

Important Road Distance from Jim Corbett National Park

Nainital – 66 km

Ranikhet – 112 km

Delhi – 260 km

Lucknow – 145 km

By Air: 

The nearby domestic airport to Corbett National Park is basically a 50,60 km away from Park at Pantnagar, Phoolbagh. If you tell about Delhi then it is 300 Km from National Park because the closest st International Airport is in Delhi. Then the major air link for tourists coming from basically the northern part of India is at Lucknow and  Dehradun.

Mostly passengers availing flight from India or the other parts of the world. They should land down either to Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI International), New Delhi or either to the domestic airport (Palam). Both the airports have well advanced and smoother air links within as well as outside India.

By Rail:

The nearby railway station to Corbett National Park is Ramnagar, where people can come from all over India. It is 12 km from the Corbett national park Park. Ramnagar is basically the depot of the Delhi-Moradabad-Ramnagar broad gauge branch of the North East Railway.

Days of Run: 

All 7 days Class Available: 2A/C, and Sleeper

Nature lovers who are in search of a serene retreat can also have peaceful walks, Enjoy camping and tours along the river bank. If you’re wondering what to do in Jim Corbett, then there are lots of fun, educational and engaging activities that you can enjoy and visit there.